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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tatyana Elmanovich -- Author of Channeling Vysotsky

"Sigrid Macdonald is a wonderful editor. She tunes into the heart of your writing, into the nature of your thinking, and her editing brings out the best in you in your text. She works wonders if you know that this ability to line up with other people’s thoughts isn’t always nature’s free gift. Mostly, a person earns it by years or decades of toiling as a journalist, doing interviews, and writing for deadlines!

"Lasting effort in this direction sensitizes a person (better than psychic development exercises, which drive so many male journalists to drink in order to dull their excess sensitivity).

"Female journalists often release that sensitivity by becoming excellent editors! Sigrid Macdonald is one of them -- cooked by the heat of media boilers (boiling rooms) to help you!

"You do not have to take my word for it. You can make up your own mind by reading excerpts from Sigrid's book D'Amour Road on her web site …

"She wrote it, she edited it, and she can do the same for you!"

Tatyana Elmanovich


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