Sigrid's Testimonials

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Kind Words from Romance Writer Joy Tremay

I'm so glad I found Sigrid. She's extremely professional, pleasant, wise, thorough and very, very helpful! She has edited two of my romance books, Passion Never Dies and His Unquenchable Desire, and has done a fantastic job on both of them. I plan on hiring her to edit future books and highly recommend her to anyone who needs an editor. She's the best!"
Joy Tremay

Monday, August 12, 2013

Tammy Tate Found Working with Me Inspiring

"I'm a new author who has published my first romance short story. Even though I had almost 4000 downloads in less than three months, I knew it wasn't the best it could be. I needed an editor... And that's when I found Sigrid. Her experience and expertise put her at the top of her field, and working with her was an inspiration. She is truly amazing! Thank you, Sigrid, for bringing out the best in me."       
Tammy Tate, author of The Spirit Path

*Tammy first published her book without an editor before she found me, and some of her Amazon reviews reflect the need for editing in the first version.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Kevin Smith, Weekly Columnist for the Ottawa Citizen, Recommends Me.

"Sigrid has assisted me with editing various articles I write. I have found her to be thorough and on deadline. Her critiques, if asked for, are always gentle and encouraging. Sigrid understands my voice and is helping me to strengthen it. I have confidence that every draft I send her will be returned in perfect form, of which I can be proud of.

"She is the best!"

Kevin Smith, weekly columnist for the Ottawa Citizen

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Recommended by the Founder of Adult Counselling

“As soon as I started working with Sigrid, I had a strong feeling  that I had made the right decision. Sigrid is the first editor I have worked with who does the best job for 75%  less of what other editors charge. And when I needed an indexer, she took it upon herself and posted an ad to help me find one. Best of all, I could communicate with her any day and not worry about her charging extra for responding to my emails like many editors do. I have decided to have her edit my other two books. I highly recommend her."

Ernest Quansah (Founder-Adult Counselling)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Glenn Suggitt Gives Me the Top of the Heap Award

“What separates Sigrid from other editors is that she reads first and edits later. That was so important to me. She was able to pick up subtle inconsistencies in dialogue, problems with timeline and words that just didn’t fit, etc. I got honest feedback about my manuscript. Of course she has made me a better writer and the price was great. It is my pleasure to present Sigrid with the prestigious Top of the Heap award.” –Glenn Suggitt

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sharon Nash Hires Me to Revise Her Already Written Book

"Absolutely hands down, without a doubt, I will use Sigrid for everything that I need editing. I count it a great blessing to have found someone so talented and gifted. I had two other people edit my first book called Sex & Money: Have All the Sex and Money You Want.  The one she did will be coming out soon. It is a 25%+ revision of the first book. I incorporated my continued growth that occurred over the following year.

"This book is considered the second in the Sex & Money series called "Live The Life You Choose." Because of Sigrid it reads absolutely amazing. Sigrid had me correct the flow of the story by adding more to "this," explain "that" further, and delete "that."  Again absolutely love the second book. It will also be made into an audio book. After seeing how great the second book turned out, I am actually a bit embarrassed about the first book, but you have to start somewhere."

Sharon Nash

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

First-time author Alexia Fraser receives confidence from my editing and critique

"As a new author, I felt very blessed and fortunate to have had the experience of editor Sigrid Macdonald guiding me through my first work. This being my first book, I was simultaneously intimidated and overwhelmed. After I miraculously contacted Sigrid, she helped me reach a level of comfort that gave me the confidence I needed to proceed with writing my manuscript to the very end.

"Sigrid inspired me to think and write in new effective ways. Not only is she an excellent and thorough editor, but she is an accomplished, published author. I sincerely recommend Sigrid’s expertise. Thank you so very much, Sigrid!"

Alexia Fraser

Author of Memories of Mom