Sigrid's Testimonials

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sharon Nash Hires Me to Revise Her Already Written Book

"Absolutely hands down, without a doubt, I will use Sigrid for everything that I need editing. I count it a great blessing to have found someone so talented and gifted. I had two other people edit my first book called Sex & Money: Have All the Sex and Money You Want.  The one she did will be coming out soon. It is a 25%+ revision of the first book. I incorporated my continued growth that occurred over the following year.

"This book is considered the second in the Sex & Money series called "Live The Life You Choose." Because of Sigrid it reads absolutely amazing. Sigrid had me correct the flow of the story by adding more to "this," explain "that" further, and delete "that."  Again absolutely love the second book. It will also be made into an audio book. After seeing how great the second book turned out, I am actually a bit embarrassed about the first book, but you have to start somewhere."

Sharon Nash