Sigrid's Testimonials

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tatyana Elmanovich -- Author of Channeling Vysotsky

"Sigrid Macdonald is a wonderful editor. She tunes into the heart of your writing, into the nature of your thinking, and her editing brings out the best in you in your text. She works wonders if you know that this ability to line up with other people’s thoughts isn’t always nature’s free gift. Mostly, a person earns it by years or decades of toiling as a journalist, doing interviews, and writing for deadlines!

"Lasting effort in this direction sensitizes a person (better than psychic development exercises, which drive so many male journalists to drink in order to dull their excess sensitivity).

"Female journalists often release that sensitivity by becoming excellent editors! Sigrid Macdonald is one of them -- cooked by the heat of media boilers (boiling rooms) to help you!

"You do not have to take my word for it. You can make up your own mind by reading excerpts from Sigrid's book D'Amour Road on her web site …

"She wrote it, she edited it, and she can do the same for you!"

Tatyana Elmanovich

Roland Ezri -- Author of Equal Partners

"In December 2005, my book, Equal Partners was finally completed to my satisfaction. The next big step was getting it ready for publication and going through the complex process of publishing it. A friend recommended Sigrid Macdonald. From December to June, Sigrid has assisted me from some editing (it was edited before), to guiding me through the publication process, and on to recommending the right publication company and experts (where special expertise was required). She also provided me with many marketing options.

"I would highly recommend Sigrid. She will assist you regardless of where you are in your writing project."

Roland Ezri

Cheryl Driskell -- Author of Child And Youth Reiki Program

"In 2005 I wrote an Educational Children's book that Sigrid Macdonald was the primary editor of. Her re-structuring of the book assisted greatly in its flow and ultimately made the most sense for the reader. No one likes criticism, but Sigrid is great with constructive feedback. I had no fear in sharing my work with her.

"My timelines were short and she produced quickly, in spite of a busy schedule.

"Thanks, Sigrid!"

Cheryl Driskell

Don Ayre on behalf of Logan Ayre -- Author of In My Own Words

"My father will be 104 in October and recently became an author of a book of his recollections with the assistance of Sigrid Macdonald as editor and publisher. He is a very sound, albeit sometimes highly critical, mind and writing has become his passion.

"Shortly after my mother died, my father learned how to use the computer twenty years ago (an Apple IIe) and he began to write to pass the time. He wrote essays and short bursts of interest and concern from his experience. Sometimes these were just recollections and sometimes feisty “letters to the editors” of newspapers and magazines.

"We experimented with self-publishing his writings but it was Sigrid Macdonald’s thinking that we should collect his writings under the very appropriate title of In My Own Words and make it available on the Internet.

"The result was really quite amazing – a well-edited finished product with a cover presentation and professional look: something that my father has been truly proud to distribute. He has already given out books to most of the staff at the nursing home and earned a new respect for himself.

"We write, it seems, because we need to say something. What's difficult is saying it in a way and packaging it so that it means something to someone else. Sigrid Macdonald had the editing and publishing know-how to make it real for my father."

Don Ayre, the son of Logan Ayre, who will be 104 in October.

Anita Flegg -- Author of The Other Sugar Disease

"As an author, I am always looking for ways to get the word out. Not knowing the ins and outs of internet marketing, I turned to Sigrid for help.

"Within just a few days, Sigrid had arranged for three book reviews and had placed 10 articles in various on-line newsletters, and article spaces that my potential customers are likely to visit. I would never have managed to arrange that kind of exposure so quickly. Thanks, Sigrid!

Anita Flegg , Editor and Author