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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Robyn Demby -- Author of What the Storyteller Brings

"In my quest for an editor, I came across Sigrid Macdonald’s name and began familiarizing myself with her website. Intuition pulled me in her direction, and after working with her, I discovered that my instincts were right. Sigrid proved to be a vital component to my book, as she has this skill of applying her expertise and meticulous detail into my work without affecting my writing style. Her questions and suggestions gave me a chance to see my novel through the eyes of a professional, which was very important to me. After I saw the magic of Sigrid’s editing, I was very pleased and felt as if it was our book because she had worked with me. The outcome was a polished product that gave me the encouragement that I needed to move to the next level.

"Sigrid’s positive feedback provided me with the confidence that I needed, which is a crucial element because confidence ignites motivation, and motivation inspires the energy to keep that dream alive. Sigrid prompted me to move ahead when I had 'submission paranoia!'

"In addition to her knowledge and experience, she seems to have this amazing network of contacts from every facet of the writing business so that she is always updated on what her clients need to know. If you are a new author, or even an old author who has lost hope and decided to step back into the arena, she can provide you with guidance and answers to get you moving again in the right direction. I would recommend her to anyone because in addition to her diligence and thoroughness, her personality makes her a wonderful person to work with. I have lots more to say about Sigrid, but I guess I have to leave room for the other testimonials!

"Thank you Sigrid!"

Robyn Demby
Author of What the Storyteller Brings


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