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Friday, May 01, 2009

Working with Clients with Disabilities -- Judy Guralchuk Writes a Fabulous Book Despite Challenges

"When I first found Sigrid from a Google search, I was scared to send her my first attempt at writing, because it was from a woman that had a mental and physical handicap from having a stroke at birth. The book was wordy, and sometimes the intent was barely understandable.

"Sigrid took my manuscript under her wing, and performed magic. In a timely matter, she worked with me, shooting emails back and forth, asking if the revisions met with my approval, and exhibiting more patience and understanding than I'd ever seen before. She took a novice writer's attempt and made it into a polished interesting book, one that readers would not likely put down.

"She did an excellent job and I'd recommend her to others. There's not one thing that she could improve upon."

Judy Guralchuk, author of A Life Preserver in a Sea of Debt: How to acquire a new mindset to transition from overspending to permanent financial stability.


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